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I can’t breathe
I want to but no air comes out
I want to speak but no words come out
Why do I feel... hurt?

I feel betray
I feel like love had forgotten me
Like God only help those who have love

My heart hurts
My heart feels like a thousand needles went through my chest
and now it’s bleeding slowly for me to die

Why when I try to move my hands to touch the ground I can't
Touch the ground
Just to know it’s still there
Just to know I am still alive

I feel like a broken doll
Shatter into pieces
Pieces all over the floor
With no one there to put me back together one...
Will fix me
No one will love me
No one will help me breath
not feel things that is real
not to even to tell me that I’m alive


Beneath the crying tears,
Beyond the bruised ego,
Is a girl, who’s just like me.
Fragile as always,
Broken so many times.
No glue can save her,
Only she can save herself.
She will move on eventually.
Heart strong as ever,
She’ll beat them all,
Love the loved,
And hate the hated.
Deep down beneath it all,
The girl so broken,
Is just like me.


To you i gave my heart and love,
But you tore them apart,
And broke me like glass in your feet,
Shatered my hopes of a joyfull life...

Why??i ask from the night and form the stars shining bright,
As i lay in the dark waiting for death sweet release which shall never come...

Blooded tears run from my blooded eyes,
Why did you do it??oh did you broke me??...

I seal away into the darkness eternal,
There i shall rot away with the pain of my broken heart,
I hope not to be saved,Only restored,
Shall i truly be happy again??,
I do not know,Ido not hope
I only griev for the rest of my shatered life......

Hear these pained words my angel of silver light
Take me away into a place of no pain

In your arms my angel,I finally rest away in death,
Heart torn but still beating in your hand,
Shall you forever keep your silver wings around my beaten form and never leave,
i need your echoing voice to feel alive,Come back my beloved angel,
Do not abandon me into the unknown and take me with you,
To heaven or hell may your path lead take me with you,
Take me wit you its all i wish cary me in your arms and let me fade away,
Into oblivion and peace at last.....

Icon credit: Darcyyan
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